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Sniffing Out the Best Bathroom Odor Eliminators

Best Bathroom Odor Eliminators

Sniffing out the Best Bathroom Odor Eliminators

Bathroom stench have you looking for the best bathroom odor eliminators? Is that noxious, toxic bathroom cloud following you back to the living room? Oh, but the smell. Underneath and around your porcelain oasis of calm lurks the silent but deadly. Hope is around the corner and in the cupboard. De-stink, de-skunk, deodorize bathrooms with basic cleaners and a little common sense. Keep it as natural as you can to keep it as safe as you can.


Remove Bathroom Smells

Fresh air, pleasant smells, and clean surfaces keep the odors at bay.… Continue reading

Top 5 Fundamentals on How Your Septic Tank Works

septic tank word cloud
Top 5 Fundamentals on How Your Septic Tank Works

Knowing how your septic tank works can save you lots of money and stress. The basic process is simple. Regular septic system maintenance keeps effluent flowing. Knowing what not to send down the pipes helps keep the system unclogged. 

So How does Your Septic Tank Work?

How Your Septic Tank Works

  1. Water runs out of your house to the septic tank
  2. A watertight, buried septic tank allows solids to settle while oils and grease float to the top
  3. Settled solids form a bottom layer of sludge.
  4. Compartments in the tank keep sludge in the tank.… Continue reading

Which is better? Tank or Tankless Water Heater?

Which is better? Tank or Tankless Water Heater?

Which is better? Tank or Tankless Water Heater?

You’ve decided you need a new water heater, but should you go with the traditional tank water heater or a tankless water heater? Learn a little about each, their advantages and disadvantages, so you can make the best decision for your unique situation.


Traditional and Tankless Water Heaters: What’s the difference?

Traditional tank water heaters store and preheat anywhere from around 30-50 gallons of water at a time, all the time. With tank water heaters, hot water comes from straight from the tank, whether you’re washing dishes or taking a bath.… Continue reading

How Does a Water Softener Work

How Does a Water Softener Work?

How Does a Water Softener Work?

Before answering the question, “How does a water Softener Work?”, it helps to understand what hard water is and why it is a problem.

If you’ve heard about “hard water”, then you’ve probably wondered what exactly it is. Why is it a big deal? What is a water softener? How does a water softener work?

First off: No, ice is not hard water.

Second: No, a freezer does not make hard water.

And lastly: No, something that melts frozen water is not a “water softener.” (Sorry, bad jokes).


So what is hard water?… Continue reading

What is Hard Water

What is Hard Water?

What is Hard Water

What is hard water and where does it come from?

Let’s start with what is hard water? Have you ever washed your hands but could not get a good lather going? Well, you just ran your first hard water test! Traditionally water hardness is measured by how well water and soap react together. You need more hard water to lather up that soap.


What is in hard water?

It isn’t one thing that makes water hard but a variety of metallic ions, most commonly calcium and magnesium. Now for the really dry stuff. Hard water is measured in milligrams of calcium carbonate per liter. Water with less than 60mg of calcium carbonate is considered “soft” and measurements of 250 mg/L are outside the Federal limit for “hard” water.

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What Causes Noisy Pipes and How to Quiet Them

Listen to Your Noisy Pipes

What Causes Noisy Pipes and How to Quiet Them

We have all heard noisy pipes, whether they are clanking, clanging and creaking or banging, knocking and whistling. Some plumbing noises are natural and are okay. Some plumbing noises are signs that something is wrong. Learn about some of the more common plumbing sounds. Understand what they mean and whether or not you need to act on them.

Water Hammer or Banging Pipes

When you turn off water in your house, do you hear banging water pipes? It could be the result of a loose pipe that needs to be… Continue reading

Leaking, Dripping Faucet

Leaking, Dripping Faucet
Leaking, Dripping Faucet

Yes, we are all guilty of putting off fixing that leaking, dripping faucet. The constant drip, drip, drip is enough to drive anyone batty. Still, it is easier to put off fixing than facing the idea of trying to do it ourselves or calling in a plumber. Unfortunately, procrastination racks up water bills and causes further problems such as rust and mold growth.


How much water does a dripping faucet use?

Sixty drips per minute wastes 5 gallons of water a day or 2,082 gallons per year. Get a more exact measure by timing… Continue reading