Hague WaterMax Hague Water Softener System
Reverse Osmosis Water Softener System

Whole House Water Filter System for City & Well Water Filtration

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Why Get A Hague Water Softener Installation?

Not only does Cowboy’s Plumbing offer fast and reliable soft water filters for home use.
But the Hague Water Softener quality outperforms all others.

Use Less Water Use Less Water
Soft Water Systems can reduce water use by up to 75%.
Reduce Energy Bills Reduce Energy Bills
Water softener systems increase water heater efficiency.
Feel Cleaner Feel Cleaner
Soaps lather better, leaving hair shinier & skin cleaner.
Enjoy Softer Fabrics Enjoy Softer Fabrics
Soft water helps soaps clean & rinse, for softer fabrics.
Enjoy Brighter Colors Enjoy Brighter Colors
Soft water-washed fabrics stop hard water dingy.
Wash & Save Wash & Save
Soft water treatment systems help clothes last up to 30%.
Clean, Shiny Dishes Clean, Shiny Dishes
Water filtration systems eliminate water residue & deposits.
Extend Appliance Life Extend Appliance Life
Dishwashers, washing machines & coffee makers last longer.
Help the Environment Help the Environment
A reverse osmosis system impacts the environment less by using less energy & water for heating, washing & rinsing.


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How the WaterMax Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System Helps

WaterMax acts as a water purification system, filtering out deposits, leaving water clear and clean. Gone are the cloudy and rust colored water. No more deposits in pipes and appliances causing problems. No more water stains leaving a rainbow in colors behind. No more nose wrinkling metallic or rotten smells. WaterMax home water filtration system lets you enjoy the crisp, clear and odorless water, flowing cleanly through pipes and appliances. It is a water purifier for home and life!



Hague Water Softener System Diagram1. BUILT-IN BYPASS
Every WaterMax® comes equipped with a built-in bypass valve and test port for easy use and identification.

This custom engineered baffle distributes the incoming water evenly through the tank, maximizing efficiency and quality.

The WaterMax® can use up to 3 compartments to create over 83 combinations of media to solve your specific treatment needs.

The safety shut-off system is a backup feature that can protect your investment in case of a system failure.

The grid plate will protect the air check valve and help ensure a consistent brine concentration.


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What is a Reverse Osmosis Water System? (RO System)

A RO water system removes inorganic material from water. People in areas with brackish water want RO water because it removes bad tastes and odors from the water.  

Stages of the Reverse Osmosis System:

  1. Sediment Stage – removes rough particles such as rust or sand.
  2. Carbon Stage – removes chlorine and chemicals.
  3. Reverse Osmosis Stage – removes dissolved solids.
  4. Remineralization Stage – pH balances out, the taste improves, introduces healthy mineral.
  5. Storage Tank
  6. Optional or Application Specific Water Treatment Stage – UV filter destroys microorganisms.
  7. Final Carbon Stage – removes bad tastes or odors picked up from the storage tank.

With a Reverse Osmosis Filter (Hard Water Filter), you can get the clean, tasty water you have always wanted.


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Water Filtration System:

A whole house water filtration system is what your home needs! A house water filter reduces scale, sediment, chlorine, and chloramine! Keep your drinking water safe and delicious with a water filtration system. So get a whole house water filter! Contact us today to get your water filter system for home!